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Carl Sandburg Village is a complex of high- and low-rise condominium buildings, town houses, landscaped pedestrian malls and commercial sites. The Village is located in the center of Chicago’s Near North, Gold Coast, and Old Town neighborhoods within an area bordered by North Avenue, LaSalle Street, Division Street, and the half-block east of Clark Street. Most Village addresses are on Sandburg Terrace, which refers to the raised plaza area that runs through the middle of the 1200, 1300, 1400, and 1500 blocks between Clark and LaSalle. Sandburg buildings that are east of Clark have addresses on Burton Place and Schiller Street.

Homeowners Association (HOA)

The Carl Sandburg Village Homeowners Association–commonly referred to as HOA or the Homeowners Association–is responsible for the maintenance of the Village’s common areas. HOA’s responsibilities include such items as landscaping, snow removal, security and Village signage. HOA maintains and operates the Village swimming pools, tennis courts and two hospitality rooms. HOA also manages the leased commercial space located on the terrace level in the 1300 and 1400 blocks.

Members of HOA are the owners of the 2,610 units in the following seven condominium associations: ~Association 1 Cummings and Dickinson (567 units)

~Association 2 Alcott and Bryant (567 units)

~Association 3 Town Houses (60 units)

~Eliot (324 units)

~Faulkner (224 units)

~Lowell (252 units)

~Association 7 James and Kilmer (616 units)

HOA’s expenses are paid for by assessments of each association, which are passed on to the individual unit owners.

Each association appoints representatives to serve on the HOA Board of Directors, which sets policy and oversees the finances and operation of the Association. The Board meeting dates, which are open to all unit owners, will be posted monthly in each building. The HOA Board contracts with a professional management firm to provide management services.

The HOA Management Office is located in Dickinson House, 1355 North Sandburg Terrace, Suite 103, and the phone number is (312) 440-3615.